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How do I open up an account and rent props?

Step 1. Download our New Account Application form and fill out with your production company info. Send the signed and completed new account application to We will send you an invoice for the security deposit upon request.

Step 2. Submit the Empire Props $2000 deposit request invoice to your accounting department.

Step 3. Once the cheque has been issued please deliver it to our accounting department. We also accept direct deposits, e-transfers or wire transfers.

Step 4. Sign up on our website so you can view and track your rentals.

Step 5. You can now start pulling rental items for your show. When you have an order ready for check-out please supply us with the following information: production name, show title, contact name, pick up date, return date and a P.O. #. Once we have this information, we can process the order.

Do you take credit cards, direct deposits or e-transfers?

We accept e-transfers, cheques, and cash. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to accept credit cards.

What does it cost to rent props for a week?

Props rent for approximately 10-15% of their valuation.

Do you have a minimum order policy?

Yes, there is a minimum order amount of $75.00 CND.

Do you give discounts to long term/run of show rentals?

Yes, we do but this needs to be arranged before the rental leaves the warehouse. You cannot call the accounting department after the fact to request a long-term rental price.

1st week:
Full price
2nd week:
3rd week:
4th week:
5th week and on:

Productions longer than 10 weeks, if stated prior to initial rental pick up, may negotiate a further discount.

Do you rent out to student films?

No, unfortunately due to limited resources we cannot help student productions at this time.

I can’t make it into the shop, can you pull items for me?

No, due to limited resources we are not able to pull orders for our clients

Can I put items on hold? If so, how many and for how long?

Yes, you can put items on hold. However, we kindly request that you be reasonable and only pull items you feel confident you will end up renting. You can have them on hold for 48 hours, beyond this, you will be charged a full rental rate of one week.

Can I take out show and tell items?

Yes, a maximum of 10 items may be taken out for show and tell or spec for 24 hours. Items not returned within this 24-hour period will be billed in full for a period of one (1) week.

What about Reserved or Cancelled Orders?

A 25% re-stocking fee (handling charge) will be assessed if an order is cancelled after it has been pulled, photographed and placed in the shipping dock for pick-up.

What is the rental period?

All rentals and charges are for a period of one (1) week [seven (7) days]. The day the items are picked up is the first day of the rental. At the end of the seventh day, we allow you one extra “grace” day to return your props.

For instance, if you were to pick up your order on a Tuesday, your props would be due back on the following Monday. The following Tuesday would be considered your “grace” day. If the props were not returned by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, you would then be charged for an additional week. Additional weeks are billed at the rate of 50% of the first week rental.

Do you own the clearances on your items?

No. They will need to be cleared with your clearance department.

Are all of your props online?

No, only about 10% of our stock is on-line. Whatever is not online can be viewed in person. Come visit us!

Can I paint or modify the props?

NO! Not unless given explicit permission from the manager.

Can I buy your props?

No, our props are solely for rent.

One of the props broke on set, what do I do?

Contact our Returns Department about the prop. They will advise you about your options to repair, replace, and rebuy. We do charge for damaged and lost props.

How do I return the props I rented?

In order to prevent damage Empire will wrap, pack and box props prior to their release into Rubbermaid bins. We ask that the client re-wrap these props in the same fashion using the same packing materials when possible prior to their return.

Bring them to the Returns Department, fill in a check-in-sheet and speak to an Empire associate. You cannot just drop a bin with props and leave. Our Returns Department will contact you once everything has been checked in and accounted for. If there are any lost or damaged items you will be notified. You can check your online account for pictures of any props that are outstanding.

How do I know if I returned everything?

Go to your Empire account and check to see the status of your orders. Please allow for a restocking period of 48 hours before it will be reflected on your account.

How do I close out my account?

If all items are returned with no loss or damage and all invoices have been paid in full, we will return your deposit and close the account. If you do have lost or damaged items an L&D (loss and damage) invoice will be issued. Once that is paid along with all other outstanding invoices, we will be able to release your deposit cheque and close the account. Our returns and accounting department will need 48 hours turnaround from the time the last rental item has been returned before they can release the damage deposit cheque.

What is your return policy on unused expendables, e.g. to-go cups, paper/plastic bags, tape?

Expendables are non-refundable. Once they leave the shop you own them.

What is your return policy on un-used breakaway items?

Un-used breakaway items are non-refundable.

Do you have Props Trucks?

Yes, we have eight! You can browse them on our website.

Please call or email us for truck rental availability.

For rental, follow the same steps as above, but we do not require a deposit cheque. Note that trucks are handled under BEHIND THE TIMES PRODUCTIONS.

To rent a Props Truck we will need:

  1. Signed vehicle agreement form
  2. Copy of the PO stating the weekly rate and rental dates
  3. Insurance Certificate addressed to Behind The Times

Please send all forms to

What are your hours of operation?

Monday through Friday;
9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

We close promptly at 5:00 PM